The Story

This was started at end of 2016 when I work together with Jack for some project. He's in Indonesia while I'm at somewhere else. I need to get access to many of his file. Normal human being have several simple approach for this. Setup dropbox, or owncloud, or put in google drive. But his lazy ass decide to just put his computer server and give me public IP to get as many as I want. His lazyness make it difficult to find the file each time I need something, which he arrange the folder in no fucking sense. What i did is to write simple crawler to his server and map the file structure.

We exploit this script to map other file server we can find and build search engine on top of it using lucene. Nayzuko help us to build front end for this one.


We did it for the fun of it and help people find what they want, and simplest way to find and download things. There are many things need to be done to improve this. Contact us.